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Coupon Terms & Conditions

1. During the coupon’s stated validity period, it may be used at  Santhanam Sweets and Savouries location. After the expiration date of such coupons, the validity term cannot under any circumstances be extended.

2. In addition to QR/bar codes, the coupons must have special codes. Each special code will have a value and an expiration date. Any code whose validity has expired won’t be accepted by the software.

3. The Coupons may only be used for a single transaction and for the full amount credited to them.

4. The Coupon only applies to current sales and cannot be used for past transactions.

5. Only the products offered at Santhanam Sweets and Savouries location at the time of the redemption are eligible for use with the Coupons.

6. There is no reimbursement for the Coupons. The Coupons cannot be fully or partially redeemed for cash.

7. The Coupons must be redeemed in full of the value credited to them. No products may be purchased for less than they are worth.

8. In the event that the total cost of a transaction exceeds the amount credited in coupons, no reductions of any kind are permitted, and the balance must be paid in cash or by credit card.

9. Santhanam Sweets and Savouries reserves the right to refuse any coupons that are not in acceptable condition for any reason, including but not limited to being tampered with, torn/broken, or damaged.

10. In the event that the Coupons are found to be damaged, destroyed, stolen, or lost, Santhanam Sweets and Savouries will not be held liable. There is no equivalent to such Vouchers.

11. Santhanam Sweets and Savouries will not accept any returns of any kind.

Online orders will be delivered the same day in the Bangalore area, while for other locations, delivery times will vary depending on the pincodes.