Indian Sweets Made With Passion and Trusted For Years

Santhanam Sweets and Savouries  Since 1987

A Sweet Legacy Passed On

Santhanam sweets old store

A Sweet store started by a man who was inspired by his mother’s sweets and took a keen interest towards making sweets. Meda Santhanam and his wife Subbalakshmi worked hard at a very young age and their Passion & love for making delicious sweets led to setting up a brand and a landmark in the streets of Shivajinagar in the year 1987, today known as “Santhanam Sweets and Savouries”. 

Having more than 150 delicious Sweets and Savouries.

Meda Santhanam and Subbalakshmi

The Founder

Meda Santhanam and Subbalakshmi, the founders of Santhanam Sweets and Savouries established the firm in the year 1987. The couple married in Tamil Nadu and Then moved to Bangalore. Santhanam grew an interest towards making sweets and savouries at a very young age. They worked towards to set up a sweet shop in Shivaji Nagar. Because of their passion and determination today Santhanam Sweets & Savouries has become a landmark in the busy streets of Shivaji Nagar.


The primary goal is to consistently provide their clients with sweets and pastries of the highest quality and quantity at the best price possible while also ensuring that they are completely satisfied.


Santhanam Sweets’ major goal is to give a large selection of delectable sweets, savoury foods, and mouthwatering snacks and chaats so that people of all ages can enjoy their happy moments.