9 Best Bengali Sweets You Must Try

India is a land of diverse cuisines and cultures. Every state boasts its own specialty dishes that can be enjoyed during festivals and special occasions, giving people a chance to savor dishes from across different cities and states as they feast upon unique food offerings together. Celebrations become particularly appealing when enjoying sweets from each state!

Bengali sweets stand out from other sweets thanks to their exquisite ingredients and consistent delicious flavor that have endured over time. Bengal sweets aren’t simply tasty treats – they represent culture and emotion for Bengalis everywhere! No birthday, wedding, or religious ceremony would be complete without including the best Bengali sweets and desserts in their celebration.

In this blog, we have curated a list of the famous Bengali sweets that you must not miss out on. We at Santhanam Sweets make life tastier with delicious Bengali sweets.

Best Bengali Sweets:-

Mini Rasgulla

It is sweet to mention that it is popular with everyone in India, It is Rasgulla. The soft, spongy, and delicious, rasgulla is the perfect little dessert to have any time after a meal.

Rasgulla is made up of two words: “ras” (“juice”) along with the word gulla (“ball”). Some other names of the food are Rasagulla, Rossogolla, Roshogolla, Rasagola, and Rasagolla along with Rasbhari also known as Rasbari.

There is a belief it is believed that Nobin Chandra Das came up with the white spongy Bengali rasgulla found in West Bengal in 1868.

Mini Jamoon

Gulab jamun is an iconic Indian dessert and one of the best Bengali sweets made of dough balls fried, then covered with sweet, sticky syrup flavored with rosewater – giving the sweet treat its name and rosewater-inspired taste. A favorite among dessert lovers, gulab jamuns are among India’s many delicious treats! A kind of dumpling covered in this sticky rosewater-inspired syrup.

At the time of the Mughal Empire invasion in India, Luqmat al-Qazi(Lokma), or Gulab Jamun may have originated from an Iranian dish consisting of dumplings cooked in rosewater syrup.

Pantua can be found across Bangladesh. This food item can be defined as the Bengali variation of Gulab Jamun, known by two popular names: Golap Jam and Kalo Jam. Ledikeni is another variety of Pantua that shares similarities with Gulab Jamun.

Chum Chum

Cham Cham is a classic Bengali sweet, beloved throughout South Asia. This sweet comes in various shades such as yellow, light pink, and white with coconut or maw flakes serving as garnish.

Chum-chum is beloved across India and can be enjoyed as a dessert anytime throughout the year, especially during celebrations such as Durga Puja or Diwali.

The Chum Chum is among the famous Bengali sweets that is also be known by its alternative terms – Chom Chom or Cham Cham or Champakali.

Pink Raskadam

Ras Kadam, more commonly referred to as Kheer Kadam in eastern states such as Bengal and Nepal is an irresistibly satisfying treat that features milk, khoya and Chhena as its core ingredients.

Mini Badusha

Festivals in India would not be complete without local treats! One of the best-loved sweets made in North India is Balushahi; also popularly referred to in South India as Badusha or Badhusha and easy to locate at every Sweet Shop; these flaky North Indian pastries with sugar glaze deep-frying are popular festival treats that you must experience first-hand for yourself!

There could be different recipes for Balushahi sweet, which could vary according to who’s making them or even within North or South India.

Malai Sandwich

Malai Sandwich, a classic Bengali dessert composed of paneer, milk, and Khoya is particularly well-loved during festivities such as Durga Puja and Rakshabandhan making it one of the best Bengali sweets to consume during special occasions.

Filled with condensed milk flavored with cardamom for a silky interior texture and decorated with sprinkled nuts for visual appeal, these desserts make the perfect bite-sized treats!

Pink Sandwich

Pink sandwich is one of the famous Bengali sweets, also referred to as Rasmalai in Bengali cuisine, is an irresistibly delicious traditional Bengali sweet. Similar in appearance and taste to its counterparts chum chum and rasgulla; its popularity among all those who indulge is undeniable! Loved by all who consume its unique taste; made using Chhena-based ingredients packed with sugar syrup this treat makes a deliciously soft dessert fit for festivals or any other special event!

Deliciously light with an airy texture that’s heaven. Take a bite out of its soft interior for extra flavor and an enjoyable crunch that refreshes you instantly!

Kesar Rasmalai

Rasmalai consists of the words Ras (juice) and Malai (cream), with each being composed of separate letters of Arabic script. Rasmalai dessert consists of flat cakes made with cottage cheese that have been soaked with sweetened milk or cardamom-flavored cream to produce its unique taste and aroma.

Ras Malai can be found mentioned in K.T Achaya’s book A Historical Companion as one of its components. Achaya also discusses what led up to discovering it as well. Nobin Chandra Das of Sutanati invented the Rasogolla in 1868 – an irresistibly delicious cottage cheese ball steamed and then doused in sugar syrup – while 50 years later Krishna Chandra Das adapted this same recipe into Rasmalai made of milk instead.

There are other variations of Rasmalai namely Lychee Rasmalai and Mango Rasmalai that can be found and savored from Santhanam Sweets.

Kesar Badam Milk

“Badam” in Hindi refers to almonds. Soaked and ground-up almonds are blended together with full-fat milk and then simmered with green cardamom pods, saffron threads, and sugar to produce this fragrant dish.

Badam Milk is an Ayurvedic Indian drink renowned for its nutritional advantages and protein abundance. As it’s gluten-free it makes an ideal beverage choice! among the best Bengali sweets.

Delicious and nutritional drinks that you can drink cold or warm! This traditional Indian drink is packed with nutrition and instantly gives your body an energy boost! Enjoyed for centuries around India.

Badam Paal also referred to in Southern India, is an ideal traditional Indian beverage to add to daily eating habits due to the many health advantages it brings. Perfect as part of breakfast or even evening beverages like coffee and tea.

Santhanam Sweets

The Bengali Sweets are not just sweets that are consumed to satisfy sweet cravings, they are a symbol of tradition and culture offered & consumed during festivities, celebrations, get-to-gathers, and special occasions. You can find all of the mentioned famous Bengali sweets on our online store

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